Ab Circle Pro

The Ab circle Pro has often been reviewed to be the best exercise equipment for the abdomen and it seems to be true. This exercise machine offers a fun way to get rid of that beer belly and love handles. Nobody must have to live with these unprepossessing bulges that are not only ugly but also detrimental for the health. This exercise equipment gives amazing results; and with its regular use the fat accumulated in the body just melts away while the muscles in the abdomen begin to get toned. This is because the machine is designed to target the complete abdominal muscles. It is an easy piece of equipment to work with and has the same results as push-ups and crunches do on the abs without causing too much strain to the user.

The unique selling point of this equipment is its frictionless track; that is used to move the lower body back and forth and side to side. The distinctive movement while targeting the belly region also pumps up the heart rate. This effectively helps to burn extra calories, which in turn reduces weight all over the body especially on the hindquarters, hips and thighs.

Theequipment has three characteristic resistance levels that can be adjusted according to the progress of the user with regard to the workout level.Beginners start at the first level and move to the intermediate level as they progress and finally reach the intense level. The intense level gives a more vigorous workout and must be adopted after having spent considerable time on the first two levels. The three levels are enough to initially burn away the fat, tone the muscles and also in maintaining the toned body.

According to experts’ opinion a 3-minute work out on this device is equivalent to 100 sit-ups. This drastically cuts down the time and effort spent on exercising while giving desired results of losing weight and toning the muscles.

Features of Ab circle Pro

  1. The device provides easy maneuverability because it is frictionless. It lets the gravity to control the workout, which can be demanding and yet offers fun.
  2. The ‘3-Minute Express Workout’ DVD is givenalong with the equipment. It is a complete visual guide on how to utilize the equipment for optimum results. The trainers show how to set up the machine and use it for gaining benefits from its unique technology.
  3. A nutritional guide, ‘Lose Your Love Handles’ is also provided with this equipment. The guide is a detailed book that gives information about the foods to be taken and the foods that must be avoided during a weight loss muscle toning exercise regime. Diet plans offer great results and they can be incorporated in one’s lifestyle while using the equipment. One can learn to understand food better with the help of this guide and also use it for devising the perfect diet chart to follow.
  4. The Ab circle Pro is a compact and light weight machine. It can easily be carried around the house and it also folds up for easy storage under the bed or in any other small nook.

Advantages of Ab circle Pro

Apart from the unique features listed above, the equipment has some advantages that are worth mentioning.

  1. The equipment is not a complicated set up;and it takes less than 30 minutes to assemble the unit for use.
  2. There is no need for any other exercise equipment while using the Ab circle Pro as it effectively targets fat in all problematic areas.
  3. The need of joining a gym is eliminated as the exercise equipment provides routines that not only burn fat but also tone the muscles and provides a cardio workout.
  4. Using the equipment helps in saving money, as the cost of paying the gym subscription is saved and also paying for a personal trainer.
  5. The equipment offers convenience as it can be used anytime without a bother.
  6. There is no fear of missing out an exercise session because of paucity of time as everybody can definitely spare 3 minutes of his or her time from a day that has 1440 minutes.
  7. The machine is a big time saver as one requires just 3 minutes for doing an exercise routine. In less than 5 minutes one can finish the exercise routine for the day and be ready for continuing with the daily chores.
  8. The routine does not exhaust one, so there is enough energy left to carry on with the regular day to day jobs.
  9. It gives a perfect workout which eliminates the risk of straining the back and neck muscles, which is possible with weight training and exercising on gym equipment.

Who is the Ab circle Pro for?

For all intents and purposes this exercise machine is suitable for everyone. It is particularly useful for those who abhor the conventional exercise routines that include crunches and doing weights as these are not only tiring but also cause pain and stress to the body. The Ab circle Pro is ideally suited for individuals who like a challenging workout routine; which is effective. The exercise machine provides an exercise routine that is fun.The machine gives a good cardio workout that can effectually burn away extra calories. Hence it is ideal for individuals who want a cardio exercise with the aim of losing weight.


The Ab circle Pro has been in the market for a few years now. Over this period the credibility of the equipment has grown and also the number of users. The reason behind this is the ground breaking technology that has been used in this machine which targets the core, burns calories and builds muscles; all through one simple machine. The machine has shown effective results in thousands of satisfied users.

The exercise regime is easy to follow and is accompanied by a diet plan, which is veryessential while one is trying to lose weight. The machine systematically helps in removing fat from the whole body, which includes the stubborn fat in the belly region.


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